Tired of settling for a life that leaves you exhausted by its blandness? Are ya bored?
Done all the right things, jumped through all the hoops and you’re still not happy? Are you just damn sick of hoops?
Are you eager to have a life that leaves you so filled up at the end of the day that you go to sleep totally satisfied?  
Ready to have fantastic relationships and a love life that keeps you glowing?
How about a job that are so passionate about they make you take vacations? And vacations you SO love?
Ready to Live a Life You Love?

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Kudos From Clients

Elisabeth was exactly what I needed to kick my business social media up a notch! She quickly assessed my situation and delivered the goods with clarity. I am not a tech person and needed her to communicate in language I could understand – which she did spot on! Looking for a kick-ass coach who can get the job done – I highly recommend Elisabeth. Veronica Cole

Owner, Blissful Adventures, Ltd.

I can’t say enough about how incredible Elisabeth is at what she does. From our first call, I knew I was talking to the right person to help me get un-stuck. Over the last few years of working with her, Elisabeth has helped move across the country, create a solid relationship with my significant other, and thrive at a job I love. She speaks straight and is all about action. She has uncovered where I self-sabotage, and gives me actual tools to kick ass in my life. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without her. She’s the real deal. And her laugh is amazing. Jessica Kenny

Writer, Baptiste Yoga Teacher

I had the great fortune of being one of Elisabeth’s clients for several years. Having worked with several others who provide similar services, I’ve never met one so absolutely dedicated to empowering her clients to live A Really Big Life. I give her my strongest recommendation and encourage all to explore if she’s the right match for you. Keep up the amazing work, Elisabeth! Mark

Data Scientist

‘I work with women who are tired of settling, sick of being dissatisfied & unhappy and SO ready to do something about it. 

We work together to get you out of your own damn way so that you can design, create and live a live that you love. 

I dare you to not fall totally in love with yourself. –Elisabeth Olyvia Norton

red buttonPositive Psychology is the study of what goes well,

how to keep life fluid and expanding,

filled with love,


and everything you are passionate about.

Don’t be shy. You can tell us your biggest hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

I LOVE being a part of you having your life look exactly like you’ve always wanted. From a fast paced life in the city of your dreams, to a tiny cottage in the woods with your books and cats.

You design it and we get in action together. It’s a roller coaster: limitations disappear and your life blossoms.

It’s all thrilling and you get to have every thing your heart & soul wants.

Have Questions? Ready to get started? We love to connect so you can get going!

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