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Welcome to A Really Big Life

What does that even look like, a really big life?

Well, it depends on you: what do you want your life to look like? For some, it’s doing what they’ve always wanted but couldn’t because they have carpool tomorrow, a schedule that tests their sanity, or down deep they don’t think they’re worth it.  Some want to get wildly healthy, start that business, get creative and show their work, to go back to school for that job they’ve secretly desired since forever.

For others, a really big life is having everything just right, so they can spend their time in their garden, reading with a cup of tea. There’s no wrong answer, the only limits are what you think you can’t have. (P.S. you aren’t too old, so don’t EVEN start with that crap, dearie.)

We’ll look at your dreams & goals, gather your strengths, build support, create accountability (so you don’t back out on yourself). Then we’ll design, build, and sail through your plan to get you where you’ve always wanted to go.  Voilà!  Your Really Big Life.

You’ve spent your whole life taking care of everyone, all the time, everywhere. Now it’s FINALLY your time. Let’s do this, I’ve totally got your back.

Are you hard on yourself? That inner critic in your head never shuts up, does it? I’ll bet it just had opinion about that last comment. And that one…Whew, so many rude things to tell you about yourself.  All. The. Time. Well, we’ve got all kinds of tools and skills so that mind of yours serves you well, rather than bossing you around.

Ready to get so healthy you have the energy of a superheroine and the fitness to leap those tall buildings? Want to love your body start to finish, head to toes?  I’m not kidding. Love that booty and belly too. We’ve got what you need to keep you getting healthier by the day, at a pace that works for you and your luscious bod.

Feeling disconnected from your purpose, find yourself digging for some meaning? How about getting present and building practices to feed yourself down to your very being?  Or maybe, Sweetie, you just need some dance, music, connedtion, and a bit more friggin’ fun.  We’re so about the joy, laughter, and love. We got ya.

Kudos From Clients

Elisabeth was exactly what I needed to kick my business social media up a notch! She quickly assessed my situation and delivered the goods with clarity.

I am not a tech person and needed her to communicate in language I could understand – which she did spot on! Looking for a kick-ass coach who can get the job done – I highly recommend Elisabeth.

Veronica Cole

Owner, Blissful Adventures, Ltd.

I can’t say enough about how incredible Elisabeth is at what she does. From our first call, I knew I was talking to the right person to help me get un-stuck. I’ve moved across the country, created a solid relationship, and thriving at a job I love. Elisabeth is all about action, we’ve uncovered where I self-sabotage, and she gives me tools to kick ass in my life. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without her. She’s the real deal. And her laugh is amazing.

Jessica Kenny

Writer, Baptiste Yoga Teacher

I had the great fortune of being one of Elisabeth’s clients for several years. Having worked with several others who provide similar services, I’ve never met one so absolutely dedicated to empowering her clients to live a really big life.

I give her my strongest recommendation and encourage all to explore if she’s the right match for you. Keep up the amazing work, Elisabeth!


Data Scientist

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