Meet Elisabeth

Elisabeth Olyvia Norton is a Speaker, Teacher, Writer, Health & Wellness Coach, & Licensed Massage Therapist.

My background is in sciences and psychology with a heavy dose of educational theory. I love people and I love to teach.

I began Mentoring & Coaching small business owners in 1998, supporting and guiding them to create amazing work for themselves. In 2007 I shifted and expanded to working with clients as a Personal Coach, providing positive psychology based coaching, consulting, and courses.  It’s been amazing to work with people who are on fire to create a life they love.

Coaching has created the groundwork for people finding satisfying jobs and generating their own businesses, building spectacular relationships, and pursuing incredible leaps in their health.  My clients have created non-profits, moves across the country for work and for love, and fulfilled a life dream of travel around the planet.  I recently put myself on the path of certification through the International Coaching Federation.

Currently, I’m creating personal development courses to be held in person and online. Some of these are constructed for you to do in the comfort and safety of your home, on your own timeline. Others are group courses designed to expand you in the company of fellow travelers. You know, so you don’t have to do it all by yourself anymore.

I’m committed to getting resilience training into as many hands as possible, as quickly as possible.

As a writer, I’ve had the opportunity to publish personal coaching advice articles in the Madison Sports Insider and am currently blogging here, and writing books giving you the bridge between where you are and the fulfilled life you are committed to creating. Your Really Big Life, as created and defined by you.

Speaker & Educator

17 years of teaching, speaking, & developing courses: I believe in the inherent brilliance of humans and their ability to learn anything. Self-development work is at its finest when we learn, explore, and share as a group.  We can move faster together.



16 years mentoring small business owners and 10 years coaching: It’s wildly useful to have an objective view from someone who cares about you deeply. A great coach gives you the support to build your life and challenge your personal inner critic and stops to move forward for exactly what you want.


21 years of training in business building, relationships, health care, & creativity: building a variety of skills and experience to support you during transitions and expanding life in all areas that matter to you. We’ll work together and you’ll have a life you love.

Smarty Pants

Decades of experience in joy, laughter, and making the really hard stuff easier to face with some respectful lightness and humor. And never making you wrong while doing it.  You’ll have fun even when you hit bumps in the road, falling in love with yourself along the way.

Elisabeth is a savvy, heart-centered and generous coach. She has been able to laser in on exactly what is needed in the moment to inspire me when I am lost, help break up the blocks when I am stuck, and show me the way when I just want to quit. Her humor has kept me laughing in the darkest times, and she has convinced me of my own magnificence. I treasure my times with her.

Robin Ann Reid

Intuitive Medium & Soul Coach

The Early Years

When I was 6, I was watching the news (who does that at 6?) and didn’t understand why people in the Middle East were killing each other. I decided right then that I needed to do something about all that. ‘Cause somehow I knew that fighting and killing each other wasn’t the best way to go. However, I wasn’t sure what to do about it, clearly there was something I needed to learn.

So I started watching people: how do they talk to each other? what makes them like some people and dislike others? why would people kill each other? This was the beginning of paying close attention to how people worked and intently listening to what they were saying and, equally importantly, what they weren’t.

  • Creativity 90%
  • Listening to People 80%
  • Sass 70%

A Teenager

Like so many, my teen years were filled with a spectacularly amazing times tightly coupled with the worst ever. I was angsty and sad a lot, this is when depression settled in for our long, long relationship. I learned that you can have deep and distressing emotion even when life is pretty good.

I learned a lot about the wider world and how multitudes didn’t have the easeful life I had in the middle of the US. This deeply concerned me. I began to delve into making sure people got treated well, regardless of how they looked, where they came from, and whom they loved. I kept meeting lots of people from around the planet and who were different from me and falling in love with them.

  • Caring about People I don’t know 65%
  • Caring about People I Loved 80%
  • Big 80s Hair, Being on the Phone, & Dating 93%

Roaring Twenties

I spent my twenties as a chronic pain patient: I had 6 auto accidents. I was still depressed and now adding anxiety,  I deeply experienced relentless pain, physical and emotional. From there, I could see people around the world were suffering and that we don’t have to live that way. I got involved with local activism learning about sexism, racism, and classism. I became fully committed to making a difference in the world by helping other people reduce their physical and emotional pain.

I became a massage therapist and learned how to listen more keenly than ever.  I embraced working directly with people. This was was where I could make the biggest, best impact.

  • Concern for the World 80%
  • Getting enveloped in Self-Development work 95%
  • Getting Healthy & Learning how to help others 80%

Fabulous Thirties

Mom said she didn’t really start having fun until she hit 30. I took this drop of life brilliance and ran with it. I finally got healthy, moved to Madison, Wisconsin, and built a life I love. I was introduced to mindfulness meditation and the art of deep listening. I continued to have a massage therapy practice and teaching.

I went beyond mentoring and began a coaching practice. All the while, continuing to explore the self development world, seeing how dramatically people’s lives can transform with the support and skills we didn’t manage to learn in childhood. It became a relentless passion to make a difference for people, to contribute to their health and well-being.

  • Building a life I loved 80%
  • Committing to helping others build a life they love 90%
  • Gettin’ Mindful 70%

Solidly in Forties, Dancing towards Fifty

What a decade this one has been. After rounding out years of coaching training and falling dearly in love with Positive Psychology, it’s time to expand. I’m officially on board with the Flourish 51 movement: by the year 2051, 51% of the world’s population will be flourishing. I’m out to touch as many lives as possible.

One of my teachers once said,  “you can only take people as far as you’ve been willing to go”.  So I’ve done a lot of work on me all these years and continue to do so, to make sure that I can be the best coach and educator for my clients and students. These days, it’s all about being the best for others to have the life they’ve always wanted. I have a life I love and I’m committed you do too. Let’s Flourish, m’dears.

  • Using all my skills so you have a life that knocks your socks off 100%
  • Building courses & workshops to transform your life 98%
  • Learning everything Positive Psychology has so i can pass it on 99%

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Inquiring Minds Want to Know…

How did you get into coaching?

Coaching grew out of my own personal development paired with my love of working with people. I’ve worked with amazing coaches for several years and had incredible results: everything from increased productivity to finding the love of my life to expanding my business to explosive levels to just being more present, content, and happier. It became clear that this was, for me, the next step of working with people.

I love efficiency: how rapidly and effectively can we make something happen?  Great coaching is a springboard for efficient life changes and it was the next piece in the evolving work I have been doing with individuals for years. One of the exciting parts of coaching is I can also work with people in groups, helping more people more quickly. I love the potential of coaching for personal growth and working with a group brings in the wealth of experience and knowledge of the entire group, moving everyone forward exponentially.

I’ve had the fortune (or misfortune) to work with some terrible coaches, one in particular who was incredibly instructive on what not to do and how not to treat clients. As well, I’ve worked with some mind-blowingly fabulous coaches.  People who helped me move forward while teaching me how clients deserve to be treated and how to develop professional working client/coach relationships that create long term results. Being trained in Positive Psychology Coaching has allowed me to expand my skills as a coach in the context of the wealth of studies, knowledge, & practices of a science oriented, research based methodology.

Efficiency + Happiness = Amazing Results for Clients.

I’m committed to coaching because it works.  I always have a coach of my own and recommend that people only work with coaches who are well trained, follow a specified code of ethics, and being coached themselves. Great coaching is about walking the talk.

What fascinates you about Positive Psychology Coaching?

The thing I love most is the focus on building strengths and skills.  It gives people the opportunity to have tools that are proven by science and easy to implement.

Most people immediately start to feel good and can begin to change behaviors, which leads to new results.

You get to see and shift who you are being which leads to shifting what you are doing which shifts what you have.  Your life starts looking like the life you want.

Another thing that excites me is the alignment of Positive Psychology with who I naturally am: an optimistic realist. I’m fundamentally positive about everything while I see the reality of things being pretty cussed up in a lot of ways.

Positive Psychology Coaching allows for personal development to grow as an optimist (or become one, really you can) while being grounded in the reality of what’s happening in life on all levels:

in your head/heart/soul,

in your relationships,

in your community,

in the world.

It’s an exciting, wildly expanding body of knowledge and study, I’m thrilled to be a part of the movement.

What has your personal development journey been?
What are some of your influences in personal development?

On Asking for Help & a Lot on Letting Yourself Be Loved:  Book: The Art of Asking   This book also comes in your favorite audio format, is read by Amanda, & has songs.  I HIGHLY recommend this version.  The TED talk that started it all: AmandaTED

On Forgiveness: International Forgiveness Institute

On Letting Go of ComplainingA Complaint Free World

What have you learned & how has that impacted your work as a coach?
How are you different from other coaches?
What results can I expect working with you?
What does A Really Big Life look for you personally?

Giving Back

I was in an abusive relationship for years. It sucked. Because it was with someone who called herself my best friend, I didn’t even realise it was abusive. Until I did. I made a snap decision to leave and it was the most difficult and most powerful move I’ve ever made.

I didn’t see the behavior as abusive because it wasn’t with a man, wasn’t with my husband or boyfriend. It was, however, a classic case of an abuse dynamic and I had to have someone who worked in domestic abuse point it out. YES. This was an abusive relationship and it’s GOOD that you got out.

Abuse can happen in ANY relationship. We get to educate ourselves and share our stories in the hopes it doesn’t happen again or to others. No one deserves to be mistreated. If you wonder about your relationship, click here to check out the Power & Control Wheel. This one is gendered for a male/female relationship but can be adapted to ANY relationship you may be in.

If you are in need, reach out for help as you are able, while keeping yourself, your children and pets safe. Connect with your local resources, ask someone you completely trust for help. The people who love you do not want to see you suffer, reach out to them as you are able. You don’t deserve this, I promise, love, you don’t. No matter what that critical voice in your head says, you deserve love, respect, and kindness.

If you are in a fantastic relationship, please donate your time, talents, or money to DAIS or your local organizations working to end violence and abuse. Violence against anyone ultimately hurts us all as violence begets violence. Be the source of love to beget love. Google and give generously.  Thank you. We all thank you.

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