I think the urge to do self-development comes from the continual reach towards being the best person one can be. To span the gap between who I am now and who I say I want to be. I don’t want to move through life without awareness, without seeing the results of who I’m being and what I’m doing, without getting real about the impact those things have on myself and others.

I want to pay attention, even when it gets brutally ugly, even when I’m the jackass in the story, not just when I’m on the receiving end of someone else’s jackassery. I want to give up the need to be right over the desire to be connected. I want to touch people’s lives gently, with kindness and generosity.  This is often a stretch for me when I’m anxious or angry, even when I know those feeling have nothing to do with the other people.

This is not the easy path for a human. It’s much simpler to just go along, blame life for your unhappiness, and lash out at others through your committed stance of being a victim to IT all, getting a few good tidbits along the way, and hoping for better on the other side. But I find that a much less interesting path.

I choose the path of exploration. To embrace being fully responsible for how it’s going, no matter how it’s going. To remain optimistic about the direction of humanity, even when it doesn’t look like there’s anything to be optimistic about. To stand firm in the idea that people can grow and change by their own choice, by the gritty work for that change, by their own desire for a life improved.

If you are on the path, welcome fellow traveler and warrior.  If you are thinking about joining us, we will welcome you but other will not be happy about your decision.  Many will demean your desire to grow. They will make fun of your vulnerability or will condemn the strength you expand into. They will try to squelch your emotions and shame you for them, in order to keep things tidy and in place.

Don’t give up, move past these folks whose greatest desire is to stay fixed: in their thinking, in their position, in their control of you. You can’t properly grow in their space of solidness, nor would you want to. You have to have your fresh space and your support system to expand properly.

You need you.  We need you.  The world is waiting for you to be your best, finest self.  Not a need of obligation, not one more damn thing someone is requiring of your precious time and energy.  A need of celebration. We want to celebrate your growth and expansion. We want to see you expand into your true self and support your greatest desires. Our hearts ache to see you in your power and greatest happiness.

Your growth inspires our growth inspires your growth inspires their growth inspires…