The source of living a really big life is to BE who you truly are. Anything less is never quite it and always feels off.

This is what came out of my morning writing today. Monday I spoke to a group of women and values came up. What are your values? Where did you get them? Do they actually even fit who you are?

That lead to a conversation about being who you are. There was much confusion. The women all realised that there was a certain amount of not knowing who they are because of two things:

1. Everyone has always told us who we should be.
2. No one has ever really asked who we want to BE (as opposed to what we want to DO) so we didn’t know we could CHOOSE.

So, I’m telling you you can pick and asking you to consider: who do you want to BE in the world.

Don’t be shy, don’t hesitate, don’t wallow around in a lot of processing about why you are X years old and only now being asked. Jump in and try something on. If it doesn’t fit, try on something else.

Be bold, courageous, free, generous, successful, connected, fun, active, kind.

Live your values like self-respect, pleasure, fairness, justice, equality, humor, leadership, loyalty, love.

These are just a few options, not right or wrong, just some things to give you a place to jump start. Evaluate your values and choose who you are going to BE in the world. And start taking the actions someone with those values and ways of being take.

We got Nazis at the door folks. Don’t waste time or energy not being the bad asseyest, boldest, finest version of yourself. The world is ready for, and needs, you being your biggest you.