9/14/17: The Resilience Women’s Retreat is being postponed. We will let you know when the event is rescheduled. If you would like to be on Elisabeth’s email list drop her a note at elisabeth@areallybiglife.com, if you would like to be on Robin’s email list, drip her a note at fimiona@gmail.com. Thanks for your interest! We look forward to getting bouncy with you soon.

~Elisabeth & Robin 

Life happens. Sometimes it’s a challenge to keep your head above water when your up to your ass in alligators. We understand. And we know what to do to help you swim through life with more ease.

Learn tools & practices to deepen and expand your ability to bounce back when life hits the fan while being with an amazing group of women doing the same.

Bring your BFFs, daughers, mothers, girl squad, book club, or quilting circle. Having the women you love best will just build a stronger support system when you all know how to bounce together.

We’ll look at all dimensions of resilience: mental, physical, emotional, & spiritual. There will be talks, discussion, exercises, with lots of space for you to go inwards and connect outwards.

A full weekend retreat in beautiful Madison Wisconsin:

Friday: 6-9pm

Saturday 9am-9pm (lots of breaks & fun, don’t freak out)

Sunday 9am-3:00pm

$440 Early Bird Registration
$490 Regular Registration
Lunch & Dinner Sat and Lunch Sunday Included

If you would like to stay at Holy Wisdom, contact them at (608) 836-1631.

Why the heck do you want to be more resilient?

Life gets easier. Here’s the scoop:

You’ll be able to move on after difficult events, more quickly and with greater ease.

You won’t stay stuck in negative emotions when they show up.

You’ll physically feel better more often.

You’ll learn to regulate and manage emotions better.

Ultimately, you’ll experience more positive emotions with increased frequency such as joy, love, awe, curiosity, & wonder

And! you’ll have Increased

  • productivity
  • overall well-being
  • ability to stay calm under pressure
  • satisfaction with life
  • ability to cope with future adversity
  • realistic optimism
  • ability to use values & strengths in difficult times.

And what are we going to do for a whole weekend?

Well, there’s a lot to cover and we want to give you a full toolbox to take home.

Elisabeth is the scienc-ey one, so she’ll be giving content with research behind it on how our brains and beings become resilient. She’ll share tools that have been proven to increase your ability to bounce, help you stay in positive feeling emotions, and help support optimism (yup, it’s an actual skill you can develop, you aren’t stuck being a curmudgeon).

Robin is the energetic one, she’ll be showing you how to ground, get present, and listen deeply to yourself. She’ll help you practice keeping events from not sticking and becoming that thing that happened that you never got over. She’s had years of ex[perience helping people process feelings and get your baggage unpacked for good.

Resilience has 5 major dimensions:

Relational: developing and maintaining connections that support us and give us the opportunity to show kindness and generosity to those we care about,

Physical: learn to honor your body and find ways to build its capacity, especially when you have acute or chronic limitations,

Mental: check how you talk to yourself and how to be aware of how to choose empowering perspectives,

Emotional: adaptation skills for change and transition that encourage and honor your feelings without getting stuck in them,

Spiritual: feeling connected in a way that empowers you relative to your beliefs, values, and strengths that give you a sense of purpose and vision (not religious, we aren’t going to focus or push anything, this is all about what you believe for yourself).

We’ll spend a time in each dimension, delving into specific tools and practices for each.  You’ll go home with everything you need to continue to expand your resilience as well as the connections and tools to give you the support you need over time.

Your Leaders for the Bounce Weekend!

Elisabeth Olyvia Norton has a background in sciences and psychology and has been coaching bodacious women on confidence, strengths, and how amazing they are for the last 10 years. As a public speaker and trainer, she’s worked with hundreds of people on resilience, flow, and loving themselves. She’s taught physiological sciences, been a bodyworker, and run a non-profit. She believes in laughing loudly & often. Elisabeth knows that women are told a lot of BS that we are expected to believe and she’s not having it. She knows there is nothing wrong with you, you are whole, resourceful, complete, and fully capable of unpacking all your baggage so that you can know that about yourself too.

Robin Ann Reid is a Soul Coach, Intuitive Energy Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Medium, and teacher of metaphysics and the healing arts. She has been an Energy Healer for over 20 years and received Spiritual Guidance and Messages since childhood. Robin trained and coached hundreds of employees, retail managers and suppliers over 25 years as an owner in the manufacturing industry and in the non-profit sector. Her specialized training includes Barbara Brennan style energy healing, Landmark Education, Star’s Edge Avatar Masters and Wizards, Law of One and Reiki Master/Trainer status. Robin currently has a private practice serving individual and professional clients in person and all over the world.