Content, community, and connection all through your computer. We’ll have video, audio, PDF playsheets, and sometimes, when we’re feeling wild, a phone call or few. You can work with a group, having the space and support to ask questions and explore the material. At the same time, you will build relationships within the safety and expertise of real humans. Just ones at their computers too. You’re savvy, you know how it works.  And if you aren’t savvy just yet, we’ll make sure you get everything possible out of the experience.



WooHoo. There are few things as transformative as a room full of people learning, growing, and expanding their awareness all at the same time. Resilience training, day courses on a particular topic, weekend retreats all have the potential to shake you up and often change lives in a short time. Connecting with the other participants, building friendships while you move forward together, is priceless. Being a part of a live event moves us all forward at light speed and can be wildly fun for those who enjoy being in a group.



For those who can’t get there, don’t have extra time, wanna shift fast, are up late or early, or just don’t want to be around people, we’ve got all y’all covered too. There is (i.e. will be) an expanding volume of courses you can do when, where, and at the pace that you want. You can keep your bad ass introvert self at home and expand at the same time.  We’ll have online groups, so you non introverts can jump in the community.  Your personal development on your terms, whenever you want it.

I loved working with the group. I felt supported and like I had a team of people cheer leading me when I was working to implement my new skills in between meetings. Elisabeth was clear and focused, the material was amazing. It made a huge difference in how I was able to deal with an extremely difficult situation at work and I was surprised how much better I was able to talk to and be with my husband!  I can’t wait till the next course!!

E. A.

Pennsylvania, US

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