Today I’m speaking at the University of Missouri, doing resilience training for one of the departments’ staff.

Last night I had panicky dreams about not being there on time, then struggling to make it, or come up with excuses about what had happened.

Then I spent a good chunk of time in the dream beating myself up for the F-up. Beating myself up. IN MY DREAM.

This is how deeply instilled the nasty, judgmental voices in our head bully us.

It takes awareness and rigor to be kind and to treat ourselves with the respect and tenderness we deserve. Even if you don’t currently think you do, I’m telling you, right now, that you DO deserve it.

So give yourself a bit of empathy, a dose of compassion. We learn all kinds of weird shit when we are young and live in a culture that is harsh and demeaning of the humans within it.

Every bit of kindness you can show yourself is useful. Make sure you are at the top of the list of people you take good care of. If you can’t quite put yourself at the top, at least consider giving yourself a bump up a few spaces.

You so deserve all the goodness you give to others.