A Really Big Life

Business Consulting, Branding, & Mentor Coaching for GenX Women

Break Free from the traditional

methods of growing your business.

And living your life.

Unleash Your Renegade Spirit

& create your version of a really big life

from your deepest desires

A Really Big Life started as a concept, a question: what does it look likefor a woman to actually have the life she wants, if she could have, do, and be what she wanted?

It was a few years before sorting out this: it wasn't the LIFE part that wasbig, but the WOMAN, herself.

If we didn't have to stay small and quiet, as we are so deeply trained by this culture, what and who could we BE? What life could we create if we could be as BIG as we actually were?

What businesses, communities, and creative expressions would develop from our hearts and brains?

How could life look if we weren't building out of compulsive productivity, relentless busyness, and pervasive disconnection?

What if a big life wasn't out of bigger, better competition and, instead, on
a collaborative foundation of life being good for all people?

Not a pipe dream of bullshittery, but the actual construction of a system that worked for every human instead of just a few?

A world where women could embody and express their bigness full tilt, without fear of embarrassment, shame, or expulsion for simply being wholly themselves.

A Really Big Life is committed to:

1. Women having the lives they desire,

2. Women being able to design their own lives,

3. Women leading in creating an equitable world that works for EVERYone.

Business Consulting

Supporting owners, organizational design, service design, and developing
your leadership team so that communication challenges

don’t become HR issues.

We can help you launch from scratch, relaunch from where you are now, and
expand into the business of your heart’s desire.

Identity Aligned Branding

Using your Endotype we dive into your business' foundation, branding. We look at you + your business from the inside out, rather than the tradional method of from the outside in.

You will have everything you need to create consistency and trust everywhere your business shows up.

Mentor Coaching

Create your really big self and really big life with personal coaching.

We will build the bridge between where you want to be and where you are right now,

Happiness, pleasure,, and deep satisfaction are on the menu when your life is
designed your way.

A Really Big Life Podcast

Tiny Tidbits & Terrific Talks

    The ARBL podcast will have 2 components: Firstly, mini episodes of education, inspiration, and insights. These less than 10 minute bits will give you the quick catalyst when you need a jumpstart.

Secondly, long deep dive episodes of interviews with women who have created and are living their version of a really big life.

These episodes could be 30 minutes to 3 hours.  

Launching 3/19/2024

A Really Big Year

Want to take a look at every facets of the diamond that is business and life?

We will spend a year together, in group coaching, diving into a specific topic each month.

Instead of doing it alone, you’ll get the opportunity to be in community with other women committed to having their own version of a really big life.


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We are in the midst, at this very moment, of rebranding and leveling up the website.

We're excited to show you what we are up to next to serve and support you
becoming your BIGGEST you in your business & your life.

Please drop us a note or join us on social media during the short wait.


E. Olyvia Norton

Elizabeth Olyvia Norton

Hi, I’m E. Olyvia Norton

Meet Olyvia, the driving force behind A Really Big Life. With a passion for empowering small to midsize women-owned businesses and non-profits, Olyvia serves as a trusted Business Consultant specializing in growth and expansion strategies. Her expertise lies in Organizational Design, Service Design, and Leadership and communication training.

As a GenX-focused consultant, Olyvia understands the unique challenges faced by women in today's world. She offers in-house training and captivating public speaking engagements that inspire resilience, confidence, and work/life flow. Olyvia goes beyond the conventional by offering courses specifically designed for women. These transformative courses delve into rewiring the brain, nurturing the body, and embracing a life of bigness. She recognizes the impact of growing up and navigating the patriarchy, and her aim is to help women untangle its effects.

Beyond her extensive skills in Organizational Design, Service Design, Leadership Development, and Communication Training, Olyvia is also a talented cellist. Her passion for music fuels her creativity and adds a unique perspective to her approach. Olyvia's Medium profile paints a vivid picture of her diverse interests and expertise as a Positive Psychology Coach, Writer, Educator, Optimist, edge pusher, smarty pants, Momma, animal lover, artist, and proud science geek.

Ready to take your business to new heights? Let Olyvia guide you on the path to success, helping you navigate the challenges, overcome obstacles, and find your own version of A Really Big Life.

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